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Google’s Foldable Smartphone to Come with Multiple OLED Screen Pages

In May 2019, Google unveiled at the I/O Developer Conference that the corporate has since designed varied prototypes of foldable displays. “We’ve been doing this for fairly a while,” he added.

A brand new patent reveals that the web search giant can typically go for a completely new approach that we have seen to date. At the end of 2018, Alphabet Inc’s Google submitted a patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Workplace) for a ‘foldable display device with multiple pages. The patent was published on June 27, 2019, and shows a folding smartphone that folds open like a book.

The patented technology builds on a patent that was revealed earlier in June. At the time, the thin module layers, particularly, have been described, this time the patent goes one step further. The thin layers are carried out in such a way that the cellular device can be utilized as a book, consisting of a number of pages that can be turned over. These ‘pages’ are foldable display panels.

To begin with, the flexible display is on the inside of the patented Google foldable smartphone. It needs to be noted that the patent specification leaves the room open to place the display on the outside.

A unique characteristic of this design is that the Google foldable smartphone has several flexible displays which are implemented in such a method that they act as pages that one can flip through. The OLED display pages are held collectively by a sort of book spine. The back can also be used to process

Google doesn’t design any display panels on its own. The first Google Pixel smartphones were developed in partnership with HTC and LG. For the newest model, Google Pixel 3, the business was sought with Foxconn.


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