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Democrats Demand Smart Guns with Biometrics Check

Former Vice President Joe Biden talked about smart weapons with biometric measures throughout night two of the Democratic Presidential candidates’ debate, nationally televised last Thursday.

“We should have smart weapons. No gun should have the ability to be sold until your biometric measure could pull that trigger,” Biden mentioned. “It’s within our right to try this. We will do this. Our enemy is the gun manufacturer, not the NRA.  I’d purchase back those weapons. We already began talking about that. We tried to get it done. I believe it may be done. It needs to be demanded that we do it and that’s a good expenditure of cash. I’m the only individual that’s overwhelmed the NRA nationally. I’m the man that got the Brady Bill ruled, the background checks. Number two, we elevated that background verify throughout the Obama/Biden Administration. I’m also the one man that made ‘assault weapons’ banned. And the variety of clips in a gun ban.”

California Rep. Eric Swalwell stated he was the one candidate asking for a “ban and return of each assault weapon.”

Bernie Sanders said, “Now we have a gun crisis. In 1988, when it wasn’t widespread, I ran on a platform of banning assault weapons. We want comprehension gun laws. I believed in 1988, and I believe right now… assault weapons are assault weapons of the army, and so they shouldn’t be on the streets of America.”

Kamala Harris stated, “The issue is Congress does not have the braveness to act,” including that if she had been elected president, “I will give Congress 100 days to pull their act collectively,” and “take government actions and put in place most complete backgrounds check policy we’ve had.”


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