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Market Experiences Renewed Curiosity in Inflexible OLED Smartphone Displays

Inflexible OLED smartphone display fab utilization rates are rising, and the expertise is starting to get renewed interest in the market. Many factors have added to this shift including worth reductions, a lower price difference with LTPS LCD, availability of more prominent dimension display, new designs, a need for mid-range OLED merchandise and sluggish sales for flexible OLED display screens.

This isn’t a brand new pattern. In 2018 there was further renewed interest for inflexible OLED around Q3, after slow gross sales of iPhone X. The excitement went down once again around Q4 2018. This pattern may have many implications for the industry like price strain for LTPS particularly in a declining smartphone market, pushing LTPS products more in the direction of the low end and reducing the opportunity for future mini LED-based merchandises.

DSCC reported in its June blog that inflexible OLED fab utilization rates stayed at over 80% level in March, April and May, up from 60% in February. In response to DSCC, rigid OLED demand drivers included a reduced value difference with LTPS LCD, larger display sizes for 2019 models like the Galaxy A series, and many Chinese manufacturers’ aggressive pricing for new smartphone versions to trigger growth and enhance market share.

Rigid OLED display screen first came to smartphones via Samsung and was chosen because they had a slimmer, lighter form issue, higher viewing angles, higher distinction, and faster response time than the LCDs previously used. OLED served the luxurious and mid-range markets with the limited market holding primarily — however, the demand modified with the introduction of flexible OLED displays.


Carey Rodriguez

Display technologies have evolved a lot in the past few years and are still in the process of evolution as new tech gadgets are getting introduced every day in the market. Carey, a postgraduate of material science writes about the new and old display technologies launched in the market and even those, which are going to get launched soon. She is also a critic about these technologies.

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