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Diodes Inc. Launches New LED Driver-Controller for Automotive Applications

The AL5814Q is automotive-compliant, AEC-Q100 Grade 1 certified. It showed low dropout voltage and improved dimming.

The AL5614Q is a changeable linear LED controller that functions with an input voltage vary of 4.5 volts to 60 volts. The gadget provides a maximum of 15 mA of drive present and is used with an external LED driving energy device, comparable to a MOSFET or BJT.

Using an exterior driving energy component minimizes the unit’s internal energy dissipation when compared to conventional linear LED drivers. This arrangement further allows the AL5614Q to drive larger current LEDs or multiple LED cords.

As a low dropout voltage machine, the unit can function effectively even when the electric voltage is close to the voltage of the output.

The unit’s output current might be set through the voltage at the VSET pin. This voltage is set via using a resistor divider, R5, and R6, working between the REF pin and the VSET pin.

The voltage throughout the external sense resistor, R1, is fed to the FB pin for sensing. When the voltage surpasses VSET voltage that has been set by the voltage divider, the output at the OUT pin goes lower, reducing the drive to the external transistor.

That is done via using a detrimental temperature resistor for R6. Then, when the temperature of the detecting point increases, the NTC resistance decreases and makes the voltage at VSET lower. Consequentially, the output current reduces, preventing the system from overheating.

Moreover, the AL5814Q has inside overtemperature protection (OTP). That is accomplished by shutting the IC down when the junction temperature is more than +150°C and switching it back on when the junction temperature falls by +30°C.


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