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Medical Device Startup Automates Type 1 Diabetes Management

Addressing chronic disease is usually a big chore for affected sufferers. As Erik Huneker, CEO of French medical device startup firm Diabeloop stated last week at the Leti Innovation Days in Grenoble, “An individual with type 1 diabetes must think and make a decision about 40-50 times a day about how much to eat and how much insulin to take.”

This makes the management of diabetes an ideal candidate for the utilization of artificial intelligence. That’s why Huneker’s company has developed what he declares is the world’s first autonomous medical system, which makes use of machine learning in real-time to find out the optimum insulin to manage automatically to an affected person without them having to even think about it.

Type 1 diabetes affects about 2 million individuals in Europe and what Diabeloop aims to do with its closed-loop medical system is to assist individuals with the condition to try and live healthy lives by enhancing their therapy dramatically.

Huneker emphasized they’re not merely developing a software. Its system, the DBLG1, contains a continuous glucose sensor, a patch insulin pump, and a devoted handset that features the Diabeloop algorithm (loop mode) and serves as a user interface with the system. The handset has its customized operating system and links with the sensor and the insulin pump utilizing secure Bluetooth.

Huneker said, “For every individual, the system runs 150 million equations per day for the machine learning.”

The corporate’s DBLG1 obtained CE marking certification in November 2018, and earlier in 209 entered into a mutual distribution pact with Netherlands-stationed ViCentra, which supplies the insulin delivery system used as a part of Diabeloop’s product.


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