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Vision Engineering Introduces 3D Display Tech for Inspection Related Applications

Vision Engineering has introduced a brand new; stereoscopic digital microscope unit referred to as the Deep Reality Viewer model Z1 (DRV-Z1). A characteristic of the DRV-Z1 as well as enabling to many of its features is the truth that to see the picture, the user doesn’t need to look into eyepieces on the DRV-Z1 as would be crucial if it were a traditional microscope.

Slightly, the user merely must position their eyes inside a headbox to see a “floating” stereoscopic picture.  The corporate represents that the DRV-Z1 requires minimal setup and that little or no training is necessary to achieve full user advantages.

A video appended to the end of this text illustrates and discusses the DRV-Z1. The determine below illustrates one configuration of the system.

Utilizing so-called TriTeQ3 digital 3D display know-how, the DRV-Z1 captures a digital picture using a stereomicroscope. The 1920 x 1080 resolution video photos captured by the microscope are presented on two small displays which are positioned on the top of the machine. Projection optics then direct the two optical channels to a concave mirror. The picture on the concave mirror can be as massive as 400 x 225 mm.

Firm literature explains that the DRV-Z1 was designed to address high-quality control and assurance necessities in applications that embrace electronics, aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. Specific word is a product of the truth that the system helps the use of instruments for subject manipulation, soldering, and remodeling.

A final and vital feature is that the DRV-Z1 is that the system permits 3D stereo digital display collaboration via remote viewing, capture, and sharing of the picture across a number of locations through real-time digital connectivity.


Carey Rodriguez

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