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Xilinx Delivers Heterogeneous Chips for 5G, AI

Xilinx has shipped the first Versal gadgets to select prospects as a part of its early access program, a milestone for the company’s heterogeneous compute architecture. Versal gadgets use Xilinx’s adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP), a part of the corporate’s technique for modern workloads together with high-pace networking, 5G, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Built on TSMC’s 7-nm FinFET course of expertise, the first gadgets to ship are from the Versal Prime series (for a wide range of applications) and the Versal AI Core series (for the acceleration of AI inference workloads). In line with Xilinx, the AI Core series can outperform GPUs by 8X on AI inference (based on sub-2ms latency convolutional neural community performance versus Nvidia V100).

In an interview, Xilinx’s Nick Ni, director of product advertising for AI, software program and ecosystem, stated that in the AI accelerator market mainly, there’s a lot at stake.

Ni said that the fast pace of innovation in fields like neural networks and artificial intelligence have thus far left hardware running to catch up.

AI workloads are notoriously diverse and fast-shifting in terms of architecture. Whereas all neural networks require vast quantities of computing and lots of information transfer between different multiply-accumulate units (MACs), even essential picture recognition workloads differ vastly relying on which neural network is employed.

To speed up neural networks efficiently in hardware, three issues have to be customized for each AI community, Ni explained.

First, the data path needs to be customized. Data paths differ from the easiest feed-forward networks (e.g., AlexNet) to other complicated tracks with branches (e.g., GoogleNet), to the newest systems with skip connections and merging paths (e.g., DenseNet).


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