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Users Find Flaws in Valve Index Controllers

Valve has been on the front of VR software program tech for many years now; however, up until lately, have taken a more backseat approach to the hardware facet of the business. Beginning last week, Valve’s first full VR system, the Valve Index, shipped out to the first wave of pre-order clients to many rewards. It’s, after all, the costliest and superior VR system in many sectors; however, not all is effective with the product design.

The Valve Index controllers, specifically, appear to have a design defect with the joystick. Many users have reported problems with the joystick’s clicking mechanism, where users are supposed to have the ability to click down on the joystick as it’s actually a button in itself. This clicking mechanism isn’t a new idea by any means, as controllers have had this kind of feature for 20 years now; however, Valve’s specific design appears to be missing one thing necessary.

Redditor Nilick put together a brief video detailing how to fix the problem, which would require a small screwdriver and a pry tool, in addition to a soldering gun to use further solder to the tip of the steel rod that holds the joystick in place. Valve isn’t using a long rod to make proper contact with the tip of the joystick, and users are discovering they either can’t click the joystick in any respect, or have to make use of extreme pressure and deal with sporadic clicks every so often.

Valve’s Index controllers rely on many sensors all around the controller to ship the most superior degree of input on any VR controller available in the market.


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