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Toposens Introduces Ts3 Ultrasonic Sensor

In comparison to conventional ultrasonic sensors, which often scale the distance only to the closest reflecting surface, Toposens’ new 3D sensors achieve a large field of view of as much as 160° and provide simultaneous 3D measurements for multiple objects within the scanning space. The operation thus mimics the echolocation methods utilized by bats and dolphins for navigation and orientation in the wild.

The new TS3 sensor combines fastidiously selected hardware parts with proprietary signal processing algorithms. It’s ideally suited for indoor robotic navigation and article avoidance. Programs benefit from its real-time processing abilities whereas keeping information transmission bandwidth and energy consumption low, which is very important for battery-based robots.

Exemplary use cases include house cleaning robots and delivery or service robots. The TS3 sensor allows them to map surroundings with minimal processing energy reliably and to localize themselves in predefined maps to execute complicated path planning algorithms. TS3 sensors perform independently of ambient light conditions and are even able to detect mirroring and transparent surfaces; adding a further layer of safety where optical sensors are likely to fail. For even larger safety, the generated 3D point cloud can be fused with information from different system-related sensors.

The brand new TS3 sensor is an embedded sensor system that disseminates ultrasound waves in a frequency range inaudible to human ears. A range of microphones, therefore, records the echoes from all objects in the sensor’s range and computes their location in a 3D space. It subsequently develops a new method of ultrasonic sensing for autonomous systems.


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