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STMicroelectronics Updates STM32 Microcontroller Ecosystem with Made For STM32 Quality Label

STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor chief serving clients across the field of electronics applications, is further increasing the market appeal of its STM32 microcontroller family by launching the MadeForSTM32 label for certified, reviewed, and approved merchandise from ST Companions in the development ecosystem.

Engineers designing with microcontrollers – the tiny digital “brains” inside all kinds of sensible objects – rely on the ecosystem that gives configuration and development instruments, ready software examples and libraries, and circuit boards to prototype their applications and bring them into manufacturing.

For many designers, the effectiveness and quality of the ecosystem is a crucial factor when selecting among microcontroller producers for current and future designs. ST’s STM32 family presents an already extensive and nonetheless expanding ecosystem that gives outstanding software products and analysis boards for developing with STM32 gadgets. Addressing the constant goal of helping prospects find the most exceptional solution for their design. ST is launching the MadeForSTM32 program to evaluate and qualify offerings from ST Partners within the STM32 ecosystem. The MadeforSTM32 label ensures that all items within the ecosystem are of high quality.

The SEGGER embOS and RoweBots UNISON RTOS real-time operating systems have already been evaluated and endorsed to become the primary MadeForSTM32 approved pieces of embedded software. Different products are at the moment being evaluated.

Kim Rowe, the founder of RoweBots, commented, “RoweBots has a long history operating with STM32 items. Our UNISON RTOS gives our clients with a complete tool to fulfill their needs; UNISON Software Expansion works complementarily with ST’s STM32Cube engineer resources which can be available free of cost and can be utilized for quick and precise mission development.”


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