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Computer, Television Panel Costs to Keep Falling in July

Prices of flat panels for TV, IT gadgets and monitor applications are anticipated to keep falling in July as market circumstances stay volatile, in response to industry sources.

While the Sino-US trade conflict appeared to have begun handling, the newly emerging trade strains brought on by disputes over Japan’s export barriers on some key semiconductor materials to Korea could offset the height seasonal effect in the third quarter, stated the sources.

TV panel prices remained stable in most of May, as some vendors pulled in orders upfront before Samsung Display’s planned closure of its 8.5G L8-1-1 fab recorded in the second quarter of 2019.

TV brand distributors have built up their inventories; however, Samsung Display now intends to delay the closure of the 8.5G fleet to Q3, pushing TV panel costs to reverse sharply downward last month.

Regardless of efforts by a few panel makers to regulate their production capability in June and July, TV panel costs will continue to float this month, due in part to the failure of China’s TV companies to successfully boost sales during the 618 mid-year shopping blitz, said the sources.

Quotes for 32-inch TV panels are projected to drop US$1 per unit in July after suffering a plunge of US$4 a month earlier, in accordance with Sigmaintell Consulting.

Costs for 39.5-inch units will sink US$2 and those for 43-inch will decline US$2, contracting from a fall of US$5 in the previous month. Cost reductions for 49/50-inch models will narrow to US$1-2 compared to an array of US$6-7 seen in June.

The one good news for the panel trade is that costs for small- to medium-size panels, largely for handset applications, are more likely to remain steady in the third quarter because of seasonal demand, mentioned Sigmaintell.


Carey Rodriguez

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