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Walla Walla Schools Receive Brand New Electronic Security Machines

Five Walla Walla schools have a brand new piece of safety because of a $117 million bond.

Garrison Middle School is one of the four that have the electronic visitor entry device. A visitor will go to the intercom device and press the “call” button. Staff members at the front desk can look at the digital camera and talk to the visitor at the entrance.

It is much like a Ring doorbell. The security move was made possible by a bond authorized by voters. $65 million was given, and Washington state matched it as much as $52 million.

Before the system, anybody could walk in the doorways. Staff at the entrance wouldn’t have the ability to see if that happened because of a wall blocking their sight.

The district also cleaned up some bush behind the middle school, permitting them to keep room for a fence to keep uninvited people off the property.

Kay said they plan on putting in new security device with the brand new bond featuring a swipe card machine for staff members, making sure all doorways are secured.

Today, Berney, Edison, Green Park, and Sharpstein Elementary Schools have the device. Walla Walla High School, Lincoln High School, and Pioneer Middle may have the brand new security systems by next summer.


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