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Sentons Launches Sensors that Transforms any Consumer Gadget into Touch Surface

Sentons has revealed touch and gesture sensors for use in consumer units, with new types of UI and controls.

The San Jose, California-based firm makes Software-Defined Surfaces (SDS), and its latest examples are the new SurfaceWave Processor and Gesture Engine.

Sentons’ ultimate goal is to convey SDS technology to every glass, plastic, and metal floor by combining ultrasonic touch and pressure-gauge sensors. With Sentons integration, any consumer digital machine — from a smartwatch to an automobile dashboard — can become interactive and definable by purposes.

Starting today, Sentons’ tech is available to any mobile company and can be integrated with practically any form factor or floor materials.

The company’s ultrasonic touch technology permits users of smart devices, corresponding to mobile phones and wearables, to interact with software program past buttons and touchscreens. Combined with Sentons’ in-processor Gesture Engine, the technology is ready to recognize, distinguish, and learn from a considerably more extensive set of elaborate gestures than any touch expertise available.

As the Marvel superhero Daredevil, Sentons uses improved audio acuity to detect not only touch, however, force, intent, and subtle nuances that transcend even the capability of capacitive touch sensors.

Combining updated technology creates new touchscreen abilities and unlocks interactive experiences for numerous consumer devices.

Asus and Tencent worked with Sentons on the ROG II, a brand new gaming phone featuring Air Triggers — software-defined virtual buttons enabling the phone for use similarly to a video game remote controller.


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