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Dubai ESC Take Part in $1.5 Million Investment for Cybersecurity Research Award

Dubai Electronic Security Facility, DESC, participated in the analysis board of the ‘Cybersecurity Research Award’ worth USD$1.5 million. The award is a joint venture of DESC and HITB+ CyberWeek, the global cybersecurity conference, for the best analysis concept, stated a DESC press release issued on Tuesday.

As a part of its strategic collaboration with HITB+ CyberWeek, DESC further took part in the declaration of the winners of the ‘A.I. Challenge’ at the 6-day conference in Abu Dhabi’s last week.

Dr. Bushra Al Blooshi, Director of Analysis and Innovation at DESC, led the analysis plan for the ‘HITB A.I. Challenge’ and participated in a number of workshops and seminars during ‘HITB+ CyberWeek.’ She stated, “DESC’s involvement in the analysis board stems from its core strategy to strategically associate with a network of leading cybersecurity conferences and forums, which allow such competitions to help raise public awareness about perils and the critical role of safety in the digital age.

“It’s events like these that help us take a step ahead to realizing Dubai authorities’ efforts and achieving our plans and initiatives for solving the digital security issues and building a secure and rebounding cyberspace for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE),” added Dr. Al Blooshi.


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