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Goanna Ag Introduce GoCanopy Irrigation Plant-based Sensors

A brand new sensor system which will help farmers make a better decision about their irrigation timing, lifting yields and stopping water waste, has been launched for the cotton season.

Initially available for the cotton trade, the GoCanopy irrigation sensor technology was developed by the CSIRO, and commercialized by Goanna Ag.

Goanna Ag chief operations officer Tom Dowling stated GoCanopy would bring the physician to the domain.

The sensors behind the GoCanopy technology had been developed by a team of CSIRO researchers based out of the Australian Cotton Analysis Institute at Narrabri and funded via the Cotton Analysis Development Company.

CSIRO Agriculture and Food analysis scientist Dr. Michael Bange stated plant-based temperature sensing might offer correct information into the timing of irrigation by predicting the levels of moisture stress in the plants.

Likening plants to an evaporative air-conditioner, Dr. Bange mentioned when plants were occurring and had access to water, the crop canopy was cooler. Conversely, when water was limited, the leaf temperature was higher.

CSIRO Agriculture and Food analysis scientist Dr. Hizbullah Jamali stated the temperature was then utilized in an algorithm that predicted when optimal irrigation ought to happen.

Dr. Bange stated this didn’t mean farmers should throw out their different irrigation scheduling instruments.

Smarter Irrigation for Profit mission lead for cross-sectoral integration and extension Lou Gall stated a recent webinar on the technology, coordinated by CottonInfo, offered an excellent opportunity for bettering the understanding of and use of plant-based sensors to steer the timing of irrigation.


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