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MetaSensing Italia to Build StarSAR-X Earth Observation Satellite

MetaSensing Italia is given the “HUB Research and Innovation” call issued by the Lombardia Region, for the making of the phased array X band SAR payload of the “NOCTUA Landscape Monitoring. For everyone. From area” mission. The €10M venture, nominated in the “Connectivity and Info” class, will engineer a land monitoring service available to all residents based on satellite Differential Interferometric SAR technology, enabled by the MetaSensing StarSAR-X phased array radar payload.

Fabrizio Sala, VP of Lombardia Area, declared the 33 winners in a video message posted on Monday, October 7. The call, with a total budget of €114 million, will fund strategic industrial analysis and experimental development initiatives to enhance the dynamic and attractive capability of the territory.

MetaSensing Italia is a part of a group of six members that features D-Orbits S.p.A., Beta 80 S.p.A. Software program e Sistemi, Fondazione EUCENTRE, Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori, TRE Altamira s.r.l.

The mission will create an end-to-end service for territorial monitoring that will amass data from a mainly designed innovative SAR satellite, analyze, reprocess, and distribute it to the entire community, from establishments to citizens. It’ll enable the active tracking of infrastructures and pure resources, allowing their appropriate upkeep and maintenance, the prevention and timely interference in the event of natural calamities, and the support of economic pursuits and partnerships between residents and local groups.

MetaSensing is an Italian-Dutch SME running in the subject of EW and Synthetic Aperture Radar distant sensing for airborne, space, and ground applications.


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