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Survey Finds Merely 47% Cybersecurity Pros Are Prepared for Cyberattacks on IoT Devices

Around 47% of cybersecurity professionals have a plan in place to deal with breaches on their IoT units and equipment, although nine out of ten express concerns over future perils, based on the Neustar International Security Council (NISC) research.

These conclusions come at a time in which 48% of groups admitted to experiencing a cyberattack against their IoT or connected units and equipment in 2018 alone.

Merely 27% reported feeling ‘very confident’ that their personnel would know how to shield against such attacks, while 38% claimed they’re presently in the strategy of creating a plan.

“In most cases, IoT units have been built by third-party vendors, which means that the businesses utilizing these IoT units wouldn’t know about how they’ve been created or what security orders they have in place”, said Rodney Joffe, Chairman of NISC and, Safety CTO at Neustar.

The report further found threats are continuing to rise across sectors. The International Cyber Benchmarks Index, which displays the overall state of the cybersecurity panorama, has followed a gentle upward trajectory since its origin, reaching a brand new record of 26.9 in September 2019.

The survey asked security professionals to rank a list of cyberthreats from highest to lowest. System breach was reported as the top concern by 22% of respondents, edging out 21% DDoS attacks and 20% ransomware.

Social engineering via e-mail was most probably to be recognized as a growing threat (55% of respondents reported seeing a rise in July-August 2019), adopted by DDoS attacks and ransomware (both 54%) and regular phishing (53%).


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