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Samsung Trademarks New Display- SAMOLED; may Use in Galaxy S11

Samsung may have officially disclosed the name of the all-new display technology the company will likely bring to the Galaxy S11 come in 2020 when the flagship is expected to deliver a much better display experience than its ancestor. Samsung is anticipated to possibly favor 120Hz screens over 90Hz on at least some versions of the Galaxy S11. In the meantime, the corporate has trademarked in recent days the display technology anticipated to be used for the S11 — which Samsung is naming “SAMOLED” technology.

Samsung filed a trademark for the SAMOLED title last week in its home nation with the Korean Intellectal Property Office, and several issues were apparent straightaway from the identity alone. The application categorized this as display-related technology, whereas the title itself suggests this appears to be an all-new and improved model of the AMOLED screen. The addition of the “S” in the identity is also exciting since it won’t mean “Super AMOLED” technology, which already exists since many years now. It’s doable the “S” refers instead to “shaped,” with an emphasis on the form possibly suggesting further inclusion in Samsung’s most uniquely shaped phone to-date, the Galaxy Fold

It could seem most likely this new technology leads to one of Samsung’s forthcoming luxury phones, with the Galaxy S11 being the most reasonable and earliest candidate. That may also be consistent with a pattern noticed with the presentation of the Galaxy S10, which a report preceded by reporting on Samsung’s trademark a few months ahead of time of its Dynamic AMOLED display technology, which was ultimately integrated in the S10.


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