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Leading Private Electronic Security Firm Supreme Security Acquires T&R Alarm

Supreme Security Systems, obe of the best private electronic security firms in New Jersey, today announced its purchase of T&R Alarm Systems. As a part of this acquisition, Supreme will take in its 300 customers in the New Jersey space and five T&R employees.

The acquisition went into effect on September 23. Along with servicing T&R’s existing clientele, Supreme Security Systems has further included T&R’s systems and processes into its enterprise practices. As a result, the corporate will make sure that its newly acquired prospects will receive the very best quality service that’s provided to all Supreme clients, and may expect a seamless transition under the Supreme umbrella.

Both T&R and Supreme Security Systems share related values as family-owned companies that made the acquisition a smooth transition. While the businesses differ in the scope and measurement of their offerings, in addition to their excellence in customer service, each strives to offer convenience and quite a lot of innovative security solutions to their prospects. Under Supreme, these traditions will proceed and be met with integrity and top quality service.

“The acquisition of T&R Alarm Systems speaks to the continued and exponential development of Supreme Security Systems,“ stated David B. Bitton, president of Supreme Security Systems. “By adding a few of T&R’s products and services into our current offerings, we are better geared up to provide our prospects across New Jersey with unparalleled service and latest security solutions.”


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