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Cree Strikes Deal with Power Titan ABB to Expand its Semiconductors Business

Cree Chief Gregg Lowe has stated he sees a multi-billion-greenback pipeline of offers coming for Cree’s Wolfspeed semiconductor and power products. An organization with an active North Carolina, in addition to an international footprint, is the latest to sign on for Wolfspeed tech.

Cree and ABB, which has operations in the Triangle and manufacturing plants within the state, declared a deal Monday in which ABB will incorporate Wolfspeed semiconductors and elements needed for electrical vehicle manufacturing and other industrial applications.

The offers are a part of the reason for Lowe’s decision to develop production R&D in Durham and construct a manufacturing plant in New York that initially had been intended for Durham.

Cree notes that its Wolfspeed silicon carbide semiconductors are more efficient than conventional silicon-primarily based semiconductors. “For the EV market, this means longer driving distances and quicker charging instances utilizing the same size battery,” Cree says.

“The collaboration with Cree supports ABB’s technique in creating energy-efficient silicon carbide semiconductors in the automotive and industrial sectors,” said Rainer Käsmaier, Managing Director of Semiconductors at ABB’s Energy Grids business, in an announcement.

Compared to a silicon-based semiconductor, a silicon carbide semiconductor delivers a significant discount in turning losses and permits far higher switching frequencies. Because of this energy might be converted with more than 99% efficiency, considerably decreasing energy loss and playing a serious role in reducing CO2 emissions.

This advanced technology enables future use of silicon carbide modules in traction inverters for trains, HVDC for power transmission and distribution, photovoltaic and wind inverters, power storage, and transformers. For the Electric Vehicle market, this implies longer driving ranges and faster-charging times utilizing the same size battery.


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