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AMD Working on Ryzen 4000 Soon After Launching Ryzen 3000

AIDA64, a preferred system data, and monitoring utility have added support for AMD’s upcoming Renoir APUs and preliminary support for fourth-gen Ryzen desktop CPUs. This can be a hint that early samples of both silicon are already out in the market.

AMD has finished a remarkable job of shifting the vast majority of its products on the brand new 7nm process node. Its APUs are currently the only components still caught on the previous 12nm process. Nonetheless, Renoir ought to change that. AMD’s next-gen of APUs is likely to be based on the Zen 2 microarchitecture and 7nm process, like the chip manufacturer’s current processor fleet. As APUs, the chips will feature integrated graphics, and it appears AMD’s Renoir APUs will cling to the Vega microarchitecture.

AMD recently revealed its Ryzen 3000-series CPUs a few months ago, which is based on the Zen 2 and 7nm manufacturing process. Its next generation of chips is anticipated to be based on a Zen 3 microarchitecture and an improved 7nm+ process. Experts are expecting the fourth-gen of Ryzen desktop processors to carry the Ryzen 4000-series title. Vermeer is the rumored codename for the upcoming chips.

Renoir, as well as Vermeer, are rumored to touch the ground next year. In the last AMD earnings call, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su confirmed that new 7nm mobile chips would debut in early 2020. There’s a high chance that AMD may declare Renoir at CES 2020 in January.


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