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Intel May Proceed to Rebalance Cache for Upcoming 10nm Tiger Lake Mobile CPUs

Back when Intel introduced the Skylake microarchitecture, Intel proceeded to rebalance the cache structure of its CPUs within the HEDT fleet. In keeping with Geekbench, a similar cache rebalancing may be coming to the forthcoming 10nm Tiger Lake cell CPUs.

Assuming Intel follows similar actions taken previously to the release of HEDT Skylake-X CPUs, Intel could proceed with the trend of Tiger Lake. In the case of Skylake-X, Intel lowered the amount of L3 cache in favor of elevated lower-latency L2 cache, although, with Tiger Lake-Y, Intel could bring improvements in each L1, L2, and L3 caches. Beforehand, mobile and desktop CPUs shared the same cache construction, however, with a redesign of the cache, Intel may carry increased efficiency to mobile CPUs.

Looking at the Geekbench report, the system in question is working a Tiger Lake-Y CPU and features four cores and eight threads. This chip features a considerably altered cache with a big 1.25MB of L2 cache per core, including as much as 5MB of total L2 cache. This quantity of L2 cache is a 400% improvement over its predecessor. Along with the numerous increase of L2 cache, Intel’s pattern CPU boasts a 50% L3 cache dimension improvement at a complete of 12MB.

The pattern CPU examined appears to beat a trade-off required with existing Skylake-X CPUs; increased L2 cache doesn’t come at the cost of reduced L3 cache, subsequently, efficiency increases throughout the board. Other enhancements anticipated from Tiger Lake include the introduction of PCIe 4.0, a characteristic currently out there exclusively to AMD’s X570 and TRX40 platforms, and Intel Xe iGPU’s 96 EUs.


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