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Scotland Sees 215% Surge in Cybersecurity Breaches

Scotland has witnessed an increase in cybersecurity breaches by 215% compared to the same time interval last year.

The Scottish police are currently working a “Tag it, Mark it, Log it” campaign to identify cybercrimes.

The number of cybercrimes has over tripled in a year, stated the Scotland police. Better detection and identification strategies have helped the police force enhance the reporting of cybercrimes in the nation.

The Scottish newspaper The Herald had released new statistics on cybercrimes in the nation.

The police force stated it noticed 4,495 cybercrimes reported from April to September this year, along with stalking, sexual crimes, and fraud.

This reported data was not gathered from all the departments, else the total numbers of recorded cybercrimes may climb higher, police informed the paper.

There will not be a sudden hike in cybercrime-wave because the police further improved its infrastructure to determine such crimes.

Deputy Chief Constable Malcolm Graham said, “We didn’t have the means with some of the legacy know-how to adequately seize the digital element of all the issues that are occurring. Now, with a bit more sophistication, we will seize the digital nature of an entire series of various crimes.”

Also, the Scottish police have started a “Tag it, Mark it, Log it” campaign that inspires the staff to label any crime which has a cyber-element. “There’s not an offense of cybercrime, so we’re looking at different crimes that have a digital element,” Graham added.

Graham estimated that cybercrime has moved far past the public perception of focused assaults and can now be interlinked with all kinds of crimes.


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