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Many Taiwan Chip Engineers Head to Mainland China

Taiwan is losing quite a lot of high-end chip engineering talent to rivals in mainland China, in a scare for the island’s world-leading tech corporations. Some Japanese companies, in the meantime, are looking to China’s 5G telecoms rollout with eager expectation.

Taiwan is haemorrhaging semiconductor engineering talent to mainland China. As many as 3,000 chip builders, including top-level expertise from Taiwan’s world-leading firms, have been lured by generous wage and benefits packages to mainland opponents, according to this text in the Nikkei Asian Review.

China’s Achilles heel in its tech conflict with the US lies with its lagging semiconductor trade. However, it’s decided to boost its capabilities and become more self-reliant. Recruiting top expertise from Taiwan is a comparatively straightforward method to do this.

There are vital indicators that China’s chip industry is making long walks forward. The nation is on track to produce about 5% of the world’s memory chips by the end of 2020, having stood at nearly zero only a few years ago. Yangtze Reminiscence Technologies and ChangXin Reminiscence Technologies, two new mainland chip manufacturing units, have seen an upsurge in orders.

Some of the high talent that has left Taiwan-based corporations such as TSMC, United Microelectronics, MediaTek, Inotera Memories, Siliconware Precision Industries, and different firms would have taken to the mainland vital knowledge and insight. Luring talent is one of the mainland’s crucial strategies in fostering self-dependency.


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