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Researches Develop Chip to Identify Better Cancer Fighting Drugs

Researchers at Kyoto University have created a new ‘tumor-on-a-chip’ machine that may better simulate the environment inside the body, paving the best way for improved screening of potential cancer-fighting medicine.

The path to drug discovery is never straightforward. Scientists and clinicians can go through thousands of potential compounds for years to discover a handful of viable candidates, just for them to fail at the clinical level.

The device, reported in the journal Biomaterials, is the size of a coin with a 1 mm at the center. This well is flanked by a series of 100 μm ‘microposts.’ The concept is that a 3D culture of tumor cells is positioned in the center, after which cells that build blood vessels are placed alongside the micro posts. Over a couple of days, the vessels develop and fasten to the culture.

This perfusion did considerably keep the tumor cells healthy by protecting cell proliferation up and cell death down.

A drug assay was then carried out with the workforce administrating an anti-tumor drug at low doses.

Apparently, the drug was simpler under static conditions in comparison with when nutrients have been flowing through the tumor cells.

In contrast, the drug’s results turned more potent when the flow was switched on, and the dosage was increased.

Ryuji Yokokawa, who headed the group, explains that the unexpected outcomes show that we have to contemplate the stability between the proliferation of tumor cells and the efficacy of the drug under flow conditions.


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