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Tongxin Software Develops UOS to Replace Windows from Chinese PCs

 A report suggests that China’s homegrown Zhaoxin processors are now operational with its self-developed Unity Operating System (UOS).

It is not new that China aims to cease relying on U.S. technology, and the most recent development is a crucial step towards the nation’s autonomy.

The information comes on the tail of new Chinese government constraints that force Chinese organizations to replace all foreign-powered PC hardware and software with domestically-engineered products over three years.

Tongxin Software, the engineer behind UOS, has been able to get the KaiXian KX-6000 and KaiSheng KH-30000 processors to operate on the desktop and server versions of UOS, respectively.

The chips are Zhaoxin’s newest 16nm elements that sport eight cores with base clock speeds as much as three GHz. The Chinese language CPU maker has already laid out its ambitious plans for the corporate’s subsequent technology of processors.

Because of the brand new integrated display driver in UOS, the KaiXian KX-6000 processors supply improved video and audio performance. The chips further assist 3D graphics and ultra-high-definition video decoding, amongst different features.

On the server aspect, the corporate says the KaiSheng KH-30000 components have shown excellent stability, and the chips should work fine inside the file and database servers.

Tongxin Software will proceed to work together with Zhaoxin to optimize and improve software efficiency with the chipmaker’s processors.

Tongxin Software is also dedicated to getting other Chinese-made chips, such as Loongson, FeiTeng, Shen Wei, Kunpeng, and Hygon, to operate with UOS.

In due time, the nation hopes UOS could have matured enough to exchange Microsoft’s Windows OS completely.


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