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IBM Engineers Heavy Metal and Cobalt-free Battery

IBM declared last week that it has invented a breakthrough new battery technology without heavy metals and with superior characteristics as lithium-ion batteries.

Instead, the brand new battery is based on three new materials that may be extracted from seawater, leading to improved sustainability. IBM is collaborating with different corporations to commercialize the technology.

IBM specifically stresses the heavy metal-free nature of the brand new battery, improving the long-term sustainability of batteries.

IBM Research’s Battery Lab instead has used three “new and different proprietary supplies”, which it says have never before been mixed in a battery.

The corporate didn’t disclose the materials; however, it says they can be obtained from seawater to lay the groundwork for less invasive sourcing strategies than mining.

The active cathode doesn’t feature nickel and cobalt, and the battery uses a secure liquid electrolyte.

Based on IBM, the plan suppresses the formation of lithium dendrites, which may trigger short circuits if they join the anode and cathode.

This reduces the risk of flammability. IBM says these traits give its discovery potential for EVs, electric planes, and smart power grids.

The technology is in the early exploratory stage, according to IBM. Still, it surely wants to bring it in industrial development and is collaborating with other firms to construct a development ecosystem around the new battery.


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