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Ryuk Ransomware Operators Hit Port Lavaca City Hall Spoiling its Server

A ransomware strike targeted the city of Port Lavaca, which already has racked up a near bill of $50,000 for the town.Ryuk Ransomware Operators Hit Port Lavaca City Hall Spoiling its Server

Ryuk ransomware is alleged to have hit the Port Lavaca City Hall, spoiling its server and affecting citywide activities.

The town’s Mayor Jack Whitlow stated that no data was compromised in the attack.

He said that metropolis delegates had been figuring out the servers impacted with the ransomware to get the servers up and working.

However, most significantly, the strike has already cost approximately $50,000 to town authorities.

Whitlow somewhat agreed to the fact that hacker started their discussions with $200,000 as a ransom to decrypt the information.

The Mayor said, “We’re getting most of our system up and working; however, we’re recovering a few of that information right now.”

The ransomware arrived city hall via the e-mail system. The assault took down the town’s billing methods and auto-pay programs, severely disrupting the service.

The malware additionally took down the native authorities’ server. It occurred while IT delegates had been repairing the system.

No data was compromised; however, the attackers came to encrypt files and keep them for ransom. New servers, routers, and computer systems are being bought to replace the infected software program.

As per the Whitlow, Port Lavaca delegates are usually not handling the ransom discussions. They’ve left it to the FBI.

Whitlow stated, he doesn’t plan to fulfill the threat actor’s demand of getting a ransom, which, as he quote, began at around $200,000. He insisted the lost info can be manually entered into the system if required.


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