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University of Illinois to Install 6 Smart Sensors to Monitor Climate

University of Illinois faculty needs to install six “smart sensors” around Champaign to monitor its climate, air quality, and noise levels.University of Illinois to Install 6 Smart Sensors to Monitor Climate

Under an offer to be voted Tuesday by the Champaign City Council, the sensors can be placed on metropolis traffic-signal poles and provide real-time data for researchers and the general public to use.

The Array of Things, which has been built since 2013 in collaboration with scientists at more than universities, “will primarily function a ‘fitness tracker’ for the city,” staff wrote in a report to council.

The sensors measure temperature, barometric pressure, light, vibration, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, ambient sound intensity, and pedestrian and automobile traffic.

The sensors could be placed at six intersections: Springfield Avenue and Neil Street; First Street and Logan; Prospect Avenue and Town Heart Boulevard; First and Kirby Avenue; Wright and Green streets; and Walnut and Logan streets.

The first three would be situated near downtown Champaign across the proposed Yards project; one would monitor traffic by Memorial Stadium and State Farm Center; another would monitor site visitors in the core of campus, and the last would keep track traffic in the North Prospect commercial district.

It could pay $4,500 for one of many smart sensors, while the University of Illinois would pay for the rest.


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