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Abrazo Campus Invites Public to Look at Robotic Technology Used in hospital

It’s not usual that the general public gets to see and touch the robotic technology utilized in hospital operating rooms; however, Abrazo Arrowhead Campus is offering that opportunity on March 21.

Abrazo Campus Invites Public to Look at Robotic Technology Used in hospital

Community members and students excited about STEM careers can “test drive” a surgical robotic and hear about the varieties of procedures available at the Abrazo Arrowhead Campus.

The free event will function presentations with surgeons and operating room employees talking about the hospital’s DaVinci, Navio and O-arm surgical technology capabilities, followed by time for practical demonstrations for hospital visitors. Every advanced robotic system is engineered for specific applications.

Robot-assisted surgery permits minimally invasive techniques that make use of smaller incisions than traditional open surgery and includes precision and accuracy to the surgeon’s movements, based on a news release. Surgeons can perform many robotically assisted procedures along with colorectal, gynecological, bariatric, prostatectomy, kidney and bladder surgical procedures, as well as orthopedic and spine procedures.

DaVinci technology makes use of tiny wristed instruments move like a human arm, however, with a greater range of movement. It makes use of extremely magnified, 3D high-definition views of the surgical area, making it possible for surgeons to operate via a few small incisions.

Based on the media release, Navio technology integrates handheld robotics for knee replacement surgical procedures with a patient-specific planning course and instrumentation to help the surgeon prepare the bone for prosthesis implantation.

The O-arm surgical imaging system offers 2D and 3D imaging for the spine and orthopedic procedures, allowing real-time, lower-dose radiation for surgical navigation in minimally invasive procedures.


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