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Swiss Startup Creal Developing Display Tech for Future AR and VR Headsets

After years of hype, the AR/VR industry has grown quieter as of late, but some investors are still coalescing behind a vision that the technologies could one day substitute mobile if the technical kinks can be worked out.

Swiss Startup Creal Developing Display Tech for Future AR and VR Headsets

Creal is a Swiss startup that’s working on some elementary display technologies that would make VR and AR headsets more comfortable with more life-like optics.

The startup bagged a $7.4 million Series A  seed funding last year from Investiere and DAA Capital Partners. The corporate announced this week that they received a grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program to continue working on their light-field display technology.

Light-field displays are a category of screens that are a bit different than something made before. Whereas existing AR and VR headsets can show stereoscopic 3D by displaying slightly different photos to each of the eyes, future headsets will allow users to change what’s in and out of focus based on where users’ eyes are looking.

The big optics issue this solves for is called the vergence-accommodation battle, and it permits for interacting with objects closer to a user’s face and functionally makes reading in VR more effective as well.

There are various levels of how the expertise is carried out. Magic Leap rolled out a light-weight version of its technology in its headset that leverages a pair of focal planes which are switched between with eye-tracking.


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