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Global Cybersecurity Experts Come Together to Fight Hospital Ransomware

A crack group of cybersecurity experts in 65 nations has come together to fight ransomware attacks on hospitals during the coronavirus crisis.

Global Cybersecurity Experts Come Together to Fight Hospital Ransomware

Naming themselves the COVID-19 CTI League, the community of consultants aims to protect the technological infrastructure of front-line medical resources from hacks.

Hospitals around the globe have seen a significant increase in cyberattacks over the last year, in which critical IT systems are encrypted with malware. Hospitals are often seen as soft targets, attributable to aging IT infrastructure and a willingness to pay due to the complex nature of their work.

The founding father of the project, Ohad Zaidenberg, is predicated in Israel, while different members of the management staff include Nate Warfield, Chris Mills, and Marc Rogers, who are based in the U.S.

Zaidenberg said the League now has collaborators across the globe and that protecting hospitals was a critical need at this juncture.

Earlier this month cybersecurity firm Emsisoft and incident response company Covewar declared an initiative offering free ransomware decryption tools and help to health care suppliers in the event of a hack.

The Emsisoft company blog warned ransomware groups to think twice before hacking healthcare organizations.


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