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3rd Party Sellers, Shopkeepers Selling Counterfeit Intel CPUs in China

Counterfeit and faux CPU scams have been going on for years and normally, its customers who’ve been a victim to these illegal actions, however, it appears to be like like even tech giants are falling prey to these.

3rd Party Sellers, Shopkeepers Selling Counterfeit Intel CPUs in China

China-based shopkeepers and 3rd celebration resellers have been trying to RMA massive amounts of counterfeit Intel CPUs on to Intel to which Intel has advised clients to be aware of such actions and try to purchase their CPUs from official channels.

Intel and AMD counterfeit CPUs have occupied the retail and used processor market for years. The main scam is when 3rd party resellers attempt to promote buyers a CPU that is not similar to the one they had ordered.

This can be achieved in many ways, with the most common example being the faux IHS. The integrated heat spreader, which sits on top of the CPU die, bears vital info of the CPU itself akin to the process identity, number, spec code, clock speed, and batch quantity. The IHS carries the official logo.

The IHS might be removed and modified in two ways, either scammer keep the same IHS and put it on an older era CPU or they can alter the IHS itself, usually a more difficult course; however, it made easy these days by several IHS stickers that are available in the market and placed on top of IHS’s of older CPUs.

The second way requires no change in IHS, but those who do not double-check can easily be fooled by such CPUs.


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