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America’s NFL Sounds Cybersecurity Concerns Over Virtual Draft

America’s National Football League (NFL) has expressed cybersecurity concerns over this Thursday’s digital draft.

America’s NFL Sounds Cybersecurity Concerns Over Virtual Draft

Traditionally, the top draft picks wait in a central location for their names to be known as. However, this year, because of social distancing measures launched to contain the spread of COVID-19, the selection process will be carried out online.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be asserting each pick from the basement of his home in New York. In the meantime, a group of 58 players anticipated to make the cut within the first two rounds will be live-streaming from their homes so viewers can see their reactions.

In accordance with ESPN, each NFL team will use a modified version of Microsoft’s Teams—a central messaging and communications app similar to Slack—to send in their picks. Microsoft has been working directly with groups to keep the method secure and to prevent any leakage of delicate information.

A test run of the virtual draft is happening today with all 32 of the league’s teams. The NFL said their security measures are “complete and thoughtful,” however declined to specify exactly what they’re.

Ravens chief coach John Harbaugh doubts that the virtual draft can be carried out securely, regardless of what his IT team says.


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