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DJI Upgrades Mini Mavic Air with Better Camera and Improved Battery Life

DJI needed to kibosh its usual massive unveil this time out for apparent reasons; however the firm won’t let a little thing like a global pandemic get in the way of a declaration. A little over two years after revealing its lightweight Mavic Air, the drone titan is announcing the sequel.

DJI Upgrades Mini Mavic Air with Better Camera and Improved Battery Life

When experts reviewed the original shortly after the declaration, most of my complaints centered around the product’s usefulness. It was an impressive bit of engineering. This outing, DJI appears to have addressed at least a few of those points. Among them, improved battery capacity.

The original’s 21 minutes of life was among users’ complaints with the product. The company says the drone should have the ability to get up to 34 minutes on a charge.

 There are some upgrades on the software front, including, most notable, a brand new version of ActiveTrack. The feature is alleged to have improved subject monitoring on board, together with the ability to relocate a something temporarily obscured by an object, like a tree. Also, the Point of Interest and Spotlight features have gotten upgrades.


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