US President Joe Biden Removes Donald Trump’s ‘Diet Coke’ Button, Twitter Reacts

The us of America witnessed the swearing-in of President Joe Biden and vice chairman Kamala Harris on Wednesday, 20th January 2021. The new government has promised to undertake variety of changes after joining office which were a part of the electoral campaign. However, one bizarre change has taken citizens all of sudden . US President Joe Biden has decided to try to to away with a ‘Diet Coke’ button which was a part of the desk of his predecessor Donald Trump. consistent with a viral tweet, the button was wont to order a fresh Diet Coke on demand. Take a glance at the tweet:

According to the viral tweet by journalist Tom Newton Dunn, Donald Trump would press the button to demand a diet coke, which was delivered to him on a silver platter. The red button was not seen as a part of Joe Biden’s desk, thus, appearing to be done away with. consistent with a report by the Independent, Donald Trump would often joke about the button being linked to nuclear weapons. “The twice-impeached president would prank visitors by hitting the button and suggesting it had been associated with the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal,” read the report.

The tweet went viral on social media, garnering 122.6k likes and 24.7k retweets. Users poured in several hilarious reactions to the revelations. Take a look:

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